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Beat Bad Dog Breath
How It Works

Apply Lickies flavoring to Orapup's ultra-soft bristles.

Your dog will lick away their own bad breath.

Repeat daily to help cure bad dog breath.

Everybody Loves Orapup

Charles Trippy


Owners' Reactions



Vet Tech Riggs

Dr. Park, DVM

Dr. McGuire, DVM

In The Media
"No more looking for dogs who would hide when they see the toothbrush. It has beat the bad doggy breath. I don't dread teeth cleaning now. Do yourself a favor and try the Orapup."

Mary T.
"We always made sure that he had great dental care so I didn't really think his teeth were the issue. When I heard about Orapup I thought I'd give it a try. He loves it and his breath is so much better!"

Dee B.